MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS We provide high quality multimedia applications for all our clients. These include PowerPoint Presentations as well as Tender document graphics and packaging. The combination of a lack of vision and awful adolescent templates has given PowerPoint a tarnished reputation. However, we, at Foxglove Studios have extended the functionality of PowerPoint presentations by utilising the latest developments in technology. PowerPoint is a communication medium… what you choose to do with it is up to you! Animations, video, music and top end design are used extensively to enhance the PowerPoint platform and corporate branding..
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Our presentations are tastefully created with emphasis on striking graphics, high contrast backgrounds for maximum impact and vivid colours. 3d graphics and a combination of impactful images and videos are used to further enhance the client’s message. The end result is professional and exclusive. Below is a cross section of PowerPoint presentations that feature the varous styles and components mentioned above. Click on the thumbnails to view a pdf version of each presentation. The 3d animations and videos will not be present in the pdf documents. These can be viewed on the showreel which is currently being updated.
PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES Promotional/sales packages consisting of brochures, flyers, tender documents, presentation packaging etc. can be created in conjunction with PowerPoint presentations to attract new customers and encourage existing ones.  Example brochures and tender presentation packs can be seen below. The example videos below feature a client’s existing PowerPoint presentation that was adapted for video with the addition of music,                         sound effects, voiceover, 2d and 3d graphics. These videos form part of 5 part video series on the history of the Magaliesberg Biosphere.