Foxglove Studios offers a range of recording services to suit. If you do not see the service you require listed below, then please do give us a call to discuss your particular project requirement. Music Publishing A library of production music for sychonrisation into productions for local and international commercials, corporate videos and multimedia productions. If you are a musician and interested in becoming a member or a production house that would like to receive the catalogue DVD, please go to the ‘Publishing’ tab of this website or click here for further information. Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing Albums, demo’s, voice overs, sound effects, sound design and soundtracks. Mastering Whilst we are not a mastering studio we are able to offer a high quality matering service. Mastering can also be outsourced to one of our recommended suppliers. Video Production Filming, editing, DVD authoring and 3D animation. From pre-production through to final mixing and authoring, we offer in-studio videography to suit your budget ensuing maximum benefit for your resources. Graphic Design for CD & DVD Art CD & DVD booklets, covers and leaflets. Website Design Quality web design and maintenance facility. We also assist with domain registration and account hosting to put your website on the internet. Logo Design We will create a design solution to suit our services and needs. We offer corporate branding, logo design as well as business cards and letterheads. Session Musicians We work hand-in-hand with and can recommend a number of musicians (drummers, guitarists, bass players, saxophonists, pianists, and others) to facilitate any project requirement. From song writing and musical arranging to final mastering, as well as in-studio videography to graphic design,  Foxglove Studios is able to offer an all-inclusive package to suit most requirements. For information on any of our services listed above, please click here for our contact information.
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