Foxglove Publishing was formed with the primary purpose of providing high quality and innovative production music created by South African musicians especially for use in Advertising, Film, Radio, Television, Online and Multimedia formats.
Our composers are continually updating and refreshing subject matter to provide clients with current and appropriate creations.  Searching for new and talented composers and musicians is our ongoing pledge.  Our catalogue of songs covers a wide range of genres and musical styles from African to Rock to Country and Electronica. If you are interested in using one of our tracks in your next production… send us a brief and we'll find the perfect music for your  creation!
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About Production Music Production Music is music principally written and already recorded for use in audio and/or audiovisual productions and synchronisation and/or dubbing into these productions. It is a low-cost, economical and readily available source of recorded music. The music is licensed at published rates and prior permission is not necessary. This allows the user to pay a predetermined fee to use the song as well as the recording thereof. Production Music may be recorded before a license is granted and fees become due when the audiovisual production is braodcast or available for sale. No right to reproduce Production Music is granted by the supply of the Production Music discs. All reproductions MUST be reported and licensed accordingly. Licensing Licensing our music is done through NORM. To apply for a licence, contact NORM on +27 11 447 8870 or send an email to You can also go to the NORM website for more information. Click the Icon below to access NORM's rate card.
Custom Written Music If you would like to have a piece of music written to a specific brief, please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard. The music can be tailor made in terms of production, sound, feel and length. The licence fees vary from composer to composer and unlike production music there are no set  recommended rates. 
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